• Our Mission

    We Wanted It All!

    We at The Nature Photographer Club™, are avid nature photographers just like you. Nature is our Zen, and we love taking nature photographs

    As important, we are (and have been) members of many, if not most, of the online image-hosting platforms out there. While all of the current image platforms have certain advantages, all of them ultimately left us wanting. Most of these sites either are not nature-specific, and/or they have dismal and limited features for a serious photographer also into wildlife. However, having attempted to utilize our images on a wide variety of platforms,

    As someone who is both a nature aficionado, as well as serious about my photography, it became clear to me that none of the available image-hosting sites is really run by nature photographers for nature photographers. They're made for the most part by people who 1) have the technology to create them, but who 2) aren't really out there in the wild finding and photographing "this" or "that" new species every day.

    Thus, while there are some pretty nifty features to each of the major image-hosting sites, none really has all the tools we nature photographers want to see and need to have. Consequently, while satisfying to use in some peripheral ways, ultimately each of these image-hosting sites has missing elements that left me (and probably many of you) a bit unsatisfied. This lack of satisfaction is what made me join other image-hosting databases ... and keep joining still others ... I was always lured-in by a few neat features some new site would have ... but I ultimately always felt slightly disappointed by (once again) what they did not have: "If only they had this; If only they had that," were the constant thoughts I was always left with.

    Well, rather than complain, I decided to do something about this, and (with my brother's help) I made my own site

    And a little over three years ago, I began to envision and create a pure nature-photography environment, one that had everything I ever wanted ... and, again, with an enormous amount of help from my brother's computer-coding genius, here we are today. What we have created is a full nature photographer community, that has every single feature a nature photographer could possibly want to have, and that is because this entire concept was born with the true nature photographer in mind. (We are by no means finished, yet, either. We're still in 'beta' mode as we tweak this and adjust that ...) Anyway, without further ado:

    Welcome to The Nature Photographer Club™!
    There is so much to this site, and the effort it took to create it, that it is impossible to talk about it all one page, but below are just a few reasons why we are unique:

    Our Advantages & Goals
    One Stop for Everything You Need
    The Best Image-Hosting Possible - we don’t take your rights (unlike the others).
    Multi-Dimensional Uploads & Filing - very convenient upload/filing system.
    The Complete Biological Kingdoms of Life - Species Identification & Range Distribution System.
    Your own Full Blog & Web Presence
    We, the Developers, are Here Also - We will listen ... and keep adding/customizing to fit your needs.

    This really is only scratching the surface, and (at this point) we have just opened and are in Beta mode. To find out all this site can do first Register, then Subscribe, and take a few moments to view the full set of tutorials on this Database. Once familiarized, you can participate at any level you want.

    Levels of Participation
    ♦ Anyone Can View
    Register to Participate in Forums (Free)
    Platinum Membership - Have Your Own Blog Space, Host an Unlimited Ammount of Images, Participate with Encounter Reports and Tree of Life ($10/yr.)

    Again, please take the time to read the linked articles / watch the linked video tutorials. If you do, you will be as excited as we are. We really do offer more to the avid nature photographer than any other image-hosting platform out there ... so you will be glad you joined.

    If you have any thoughts or suggestions for improvement, or that you would like to see implemented, please post them here. Thank you!