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    Document your travels & findings (even local hikes) on our complete Nature Photography Database!

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    We hope you take the time to review our video tutorials. In doing so, we are confident you will discover we have some pretty cool features that will greatly enhance your overall nature photography image-sharing experience! The most important is our massive, peer-reviewed, global Kingdoms of Life — to which you can hook and match your nature photos as you explore each day! Every butterfly you find, every bird you photograph — every reptile, every bear, every flower, every mushroom that you come across in nature — has its corresponding taxonomic placement in our massive taxonomic database.

    No matter what country you live in (or visit), now you can give meaning and purpose to each wildlife photo you take, by placing the image of each species you encounter into its corresponding position within our biological Kingdoms of Life.

    With Gold Membership, the first step is to fully-document both the specimens you find and the habitat in which you find it:

    Example Specimen:

    You may document each species found (with up to 5 Specimen photos), as well as the habitat in which you found it (with up to 5 Habitat photos also). More than this, our system also documents each geolocation as well as the altitude, the humidity, as well as the temperature when the subject was found. You may also upload video documentation of your experience.

    Further still, each image you upload will also have a full text editor in order to engage in meaningful dialogues for other members who enjoy your photography. (Most image sites provide very poor-quality text editors, while ours is top-notch.) Even better, each time anyone makes a comment on one of your images, you will be instantly emailed, or PM'd, via your control panel. The entire community will be also notified of activity on your images via our Site Activity Feed.

    Finally, not only is your own personal Wildlife Encounter documented, but your addition to the resource is automatically added to our global community Taxonomic Database pool, which will substantially grow and increase over time. In my Gila monster example above, if 10 different people each submit their their own Encounters with Gila monsters, the display page on the global Taxonomic Database will randomly pull photos from all 10 individuals' Encounters, the summary of which will display in the Kingdoms of Life. As if this wasn't enough, the Kingdoms database will also then be able to provide a full summary of collective data, including months seen as well as a summary of the Geo tags, drawing from each and every participant's experience, in order to create a collective pool of data potential benefiting all of us.

    In closing, no other image-hosting resource has our full scope features.We invite you to join this resource today: just Register, then Subscribe (in that order). It's that simple.

    Again, be sure to watch all of our tutorials, so you can catch the vision of our concept, and then participate in The Nature Photographer Club™ today